Carrot Cake Oatmeal

This recipe is inspired by Dr. Lisle's preference for carrot cake. But this oatmeal is way healthier than a regular carrot cake. It's one of the best breakfasts in terms of satiety and weight loss. I created the carrot cake oatmeal especially for the InstantPot, but you can also cook it in a regular pot. I […]

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Breaking Free of the Dietary Pleasure Trap – by Dr. Doug Lisle and Dr. Alan Goldhamer

Klicken Sie auf den unteren Button, um den Inhalt von www.scribd.com zu laden. Inhalt laden Breaking Free of the Dietar... by TrueNorth Health Center

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Binge eating has no emotional cause - The real reason and how to get rid of it

It becomes emotional. I know not only how THAT feels, but also what you can do to get rid of it.   What is binge eating? Binge eating is characterized by periodic stuffing oneself with large amounts of food, usually calorie-dense foods. Anyone who suspects that they suffer from binge eating will certainly have taken […]

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Emotional eating is a myth - The real reason and how to get out of it

You have stuffed yourself and feel ashamed? Then you've come to the right place and things will change for you forever. I promise! But I tell you in advance, it will be EXTREMELY difficult and many will not want to take this step. Anyone who has struggled with this nagging issue knows all too well […]

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The Ego Trap – Why you lack motivation in weight loss

The Ego Trap is a concept by Dr. Doug Lisle and is a partner in crime by the pleasure trap and usually goes hand in hand with it. Understanding the dynamics behind it will help you to fix not only the food issues in terms of healthy eating and weight loss but also the psychological […]

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Why women are obsessed with their body weight

Have you ever wondered why women care so much about their body weight? I bet you have a very specific number in mind when it comes to your comfort weight. "Health at Every Size" and many other movements in this direction are wonderful but don't quite correspond to the truth. These movements have a very […]

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Addiction to supernomal stimuli

It sounds primitive, but our deepest instinct is to look for food and sex all day long. This happens subconsciously, of course, and is not an addiction. We have the desire to survive (food) and to reproduce (sex). In our ancestor's environment, without much interference, this worked well. It only becomes an addiction when disruptive […]

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The truth about weight loss - What no one wants to tell you

Weight loss is the main goal of the Western population. In a study conducted in the U.S., if given the choice between getting their child through high school or personally losing weight, the majority chose weight loss. That's how urgent the desire is to lose weight is. The desire to lose weight is so great […]

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Pickled onions

Someday I'll pickle my shoes in vinegar. For now, I'll stick with pickled onions. Do you love pickled stuff as much as I do? The more vinegary the flavor, the better. An easy way to give your dish that extra spice is to serve it with pickled onions. They go well with all kinds of […]

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Best foods that help against cravings

Maybe you often hear that cravings indicate a deficiency. That's pretty far out the window, and I'll explain why. Most of our foods today, are so highly processed that our nervous system gets greater pleasure satisfaction from them than nature intended. What happens in the brain when we eat bread, chocolate, and similar foods? More […]

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