Eating healthy and being slender isn’t as easy as everybody says. You are following a plant-based diet, but still aren’t able to lose the weight you want? As a former chronic dieter, I’m familiar with this. Dieting and bingeing were part of my life for 15 years.

In the before picture, I was half as old as I’m now (never ask a woman how old she is or even worse, how much she weighs ^^) and 35 pounds heavier. The cycle of restriction, over-exercising, and bingeing was continued by a misguided caloric deprivation and as a result, I consistently gained weight.

I started to see results in weight loss when I adopted a whole natural plant-based diet, in combination with the principles of the calorie density. At the same time, I lowered my expectations of eating a “perfect” diet. 

You have two extremes: the ones that are following a SAD-diet (standard American Diet) and the ones that are trying to eat a perfect whole natural plant-based diet. I see many people failing in the second group (group one is easy to follow 😉 ) – because they set the bar too high. This is SAD as well. 

Plus, your personality places a huge role in how diligent you follow a healthy diet. Coming from an obese and sick family background, I was interested in health from a young age. My mother even gave me the title “Health Apostle”.

It was a long health journey, but now I feel better than in my teens while enjoying my food. I eat more than ever, exercise less and have no binges anymore. 

I earned my B.Sc. in Business in Cologne, Germany. My health journey ultimately led me to the psychologist Dr. Doug Lisle, with whom I studied his revolutionary new approach to motivation and well-being called “Esteem dynamics” as well as the counseling process. 

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I’m fortunate to share with you how I overcame over 15 years of binge eating. As a former student of Esteem Dynamics by Dr. Doug Lisle and Dr. Jen Howk, I teach you how you become free from binge eating.

  • You will learn an evolutionary view on Binge Eating
  • You will learn what to eat
  • You will learn how to dismiss the urge to binge
  • And many more…
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