Carrot Cake Oatmeal

This recipe is inspired by Dr. Lisle's preference for carrot cake. But this oatmeal is way healthier than a regular carrot cake. It's one of the best breakfasts in terms of satiety and weight loss. I created the carrot cake oatmeal especially for the InstantPot, but you can also cook it in a regular pot. I […]

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Pickled onions

Someday I'll pickle my shoes in vinegar. For now, I'll stick with pickled onions. Do you love pickled stuff as much as I do? The more vinegary the flavor, the better. An easy way to give your dish that extra spice is to serve it with pickled onions. They go well with all kinds of […]

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Vegetable soup for weight loss

Do not worry, I would never recommend to anybody doing a soup diet. Nevertheless, a vegetable soup on the menu is weight loss friendly because it is filling and low in calories. This nutritional bomb before your main course ensures that the first hunger is satisfied. That's because a big part of satiety works through […]

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