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4-Week-Program to Become Binge Free

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Your Journey to a Binge Free Life

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ATTENTION: Free spots are available in 2023. ​I can put you on the waiting list. Please get in touch with me at justina_froese@outlook.com if you're interested. 


Did you know that there is no expiration date to recover from binge eating? It doesn't matter for how many years you deal with it - 1, 10, 20, 30, or more. Recovery is possible for everybody when you learn the dynamics behind binging.

I do not only know the dynamics of binge eating in theory. I suffered from Binge Eating for almost 15 years and know firsthand how hard it can be to try to lose weight in the modern world while being satisfied at the same time. We now know that 80 percent of our weight is heritable, and therefore weight loss is not the same for everybody. However, with the right approach, this is possible without any restriction. No more calorie counting or portion control.

No size fits all! I work with you individually, and you become a customized plan for your goals. I implement unique tools from the psychologist Dr. Doug Lisle. I help you uncover your blind spots and share my tips and tricks with you.

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As seen on

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Clients Stories

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“Working with Justina is by far the best decision I’ve made for myself this year. A true self-love gift and investment for my well-being.
I struggled with binge eating for 10 years, on and off, in between doing every single diet in the planet. Last summer I hit rock bottom. I had lost the will to live. I woke up almost every morning in tears in August. I no longer wanted to live. My binge eating became so harsh and vicious: I was in profound distress, and nothing I did to recover seemed to work. One of my last resort was the book “Brain over Binge” which somehow made things ever worse for me. I continued to have urges every single day, and binge at least once a week. One day, I in search for self-help on YouTube, I stumbled upon a video of Justina with Chef Aj, that focused on Binge eating recovery. Every word Justina articulated about binge eaters rang home to me. I immediately took contact with her and I’m so, so happy I did. It’s been 6 weeks now I work with her and her coaching has changed my life. Not only do I no longer binge for the first time this long, but I also didn’t even experience an urge, a slip or anything close to wanting to binge since since working with Justina. I broke free and I know binge eating is now a thing of the past. Justina’s coaching is truly personalised, structure, clear, and follows a practical plan based on science and research data. I hired other coaches in the past and, honestly none helped! Justina’s approach doesn’t come close to compare with other coaches. She has the real solution to binge eating, and its practical, quick and fun. Unlike most coaches I worked with unsuccessfully, Justina coaching is not based on the belief that “binging” is a result of psychological coping mechanism/ reasons. Justina’s strategy to recover tackles the real cause and it has nothing to do with what other coaches preach! This time with Justina it all worked: she delivers on the promise. Justina knows what she is doing and has gone through the same vicious and destructive cycle of binge eating and recovered from it. Justina truly cares and provides the real cure to stop binge eating for life. She is honest, truthful and very competent and knowledgeable. Honestly, I thank the Universe every day that I crossed Justina’s path and broke free from binge eating. The space I live in now is full of joy, peace and pleasure for living a life full of delicious food and free from binge-free and urges, following her actionable and realistic plan and tailored coaching. I 100% recommend working with Justina. Take my word for it, work with Justina and watch in awe your life transform. “

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How you will benefit from the program

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You can betray your doctor, your family, or even yourself when it comes to binge eating, but you cannot betray a former binge eater. It's my specialty to uncover your blind spots. There is a reason why Dr. McDougall says that all dieters are liars. And binge eaters are chronic dieters. They are so good at it that they don't realize anymore that they lie to some degree. And on top, they don't recognize that they make mistakes.

Remember when your binging started? What was the initial goal? Weight loss, right? Binge eating was initially a failed attempt at weight loss.

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The Ego Trap and The Pleasure Trap is a concept by Dr. Doug Lisle. We face the Ego Trap when we set our personal bar too high. The Pleasure Trap is a modern problem. This is a situation where we are exposed to supernormal stimuli like processed food, drugs, and alcohol. The Ego Trap is a natural problem of human beings. However, the Pleasure Trap is an unnatural problem.

You learn how you stop sabotaging your weight loss progress and how to balance the Ego Trap and the Pleasure Trap. Remember that modern foods and your individual goals might sabotage your weight loss progress. As a result, you develop binge eating.

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Everybody has a different background and story to tell. Your journey is individual. You don't get a one fits all plan. Furthermore, your goals are adjustable at any point during the four weeks.

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I implement Dr. Doug Lisle’s Esteem Dynamics approach for more happiness and well-being during recovery.

I will explain to you why people have the desire to be slim and why it is so hard to lose weight in the modern world.

You learn why binge eating is a famine defense mechanism and not a result of unresolved childhood trauma, stress, or emotions.

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You learn how to create a filling, satisfying, and tasty plate of food. You not only become binge-free, but you also learn how to eat the healthiest diet possible that is promoted by Doctors like Dr. John McDougall, Dr. Alan Goldhamer, and others. While you work on recovery, your diet becomes healthier, and so do some of your health concerns along the way that might be solved as well.


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Your personality is individual. Some people are more outgoing than others. Therefore, some are more conscientious than others and perceive a worst-case scenario differently. I work with you on your all-or-nothing thinking and take your personality into account.

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Many binge eaters suffer silently. However, close family members and friends suffer to some degree as well. Social isolation can be a side effect of binge eating. They are skipping work or other events because the shame and physical pain after a binge are immense. A binge-free life also means being happier in general and, therefore, more pleasant for others.

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Many binge eaters additionally spend a lot of money on food monthly. This is not necessary anymore after recovery.

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How the program works

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Book your seat for $575

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